Secure Site Services

Secure Socket Layer Encryption

Seanet's secure server provides security for web sites which manage sensitive information. Our secure server protects you and your customer's data from unauthorized access and interception, a requirement for anyone conducting business on the internet today. Secure server services are available to all Seanet Small Business or Virtual Business web hosting customers.

Additional information regarding Seanet's secure server specifications, ordering, and configuration can be found below. Questions regarding the secure server may also be directed to or by contacting Seanet sales at (800) 973-2638 or (206) 343-7828.

Secure Site Specifications

Seanet's secure server provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer encryption with Stronghold 2.0, a commercial Apache derivative. Stronghold allows a web browser to communicate with your virtual web site in a secure SSL encrypted session. SSL is a low level encryption scheme used to encrypt transactions in higher-level protocols such as HTTP. The SSL protocol includes provisions for server authentication (verifying the server's identity to the client), encryption of data in transit, and optional client authentication (verifying the client's identity to the server).

SSL is used in conjunction with a digital ID which provides electronic proof of your web site's identity. Digital certificates establish a legal relationship between a company and their web site, assuring users that the server is run by the organization claiming affiliation and the provided content is legitimate.

Seanet customers have the option of purchasing their own digital certificate. Customers using their own certificate will have secure server URLs of https://secure.your-domain-name.... Alternatively, customers may use Seanet's Verisign certificate at a substantial cost savings. Customers using Seanet's certificate will have secure transactions at URLs of In addition, some web browsers may complain that the certificate does not match your URL, however, the web site is still 100% secure.

Secure Site Features

  • Stronghold Server 2.0 or Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • PGP encrypted email for secure data transmission
  • Perl

Our Secure Site Plans

With Your Digital Certificate

  • Set-up Fee: $100

With Seanet’s Verisign Certificate.

  • Set-up Fee: $50


Please call our sales department at (206) 343-7828 or (800) 973-2638 to set up your secure server. Instructions can also be found in the help desk section of our web site.

Customers are responsible for all digital certificate and PGP costs. All secure server charges are in addition to your current web hosting charges.