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Charlie the Ox

Xmas 2009

Charlie and Joce 4.10

4.5.20110 Pix



Charlie's First Birthday

Joce's Fifth BD

Xmas 2010

Kims Wedding

Caitlin's Birth

Our Family

Charlie's Second Birthday

Joce's 6th BD

Who Are They?



Charlie/Caitlin BD 2012

Joce's 3rd 7th Birthday

2012 Newsletter

2013 Mercer Island Sumer Celebration

Charlie and Caitlin BD 2013

Joce at 8

2013 Newsletter

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Joce School Video

Joce School Musical 2014

Inge's 70th BD

Inge's 70th BD Movie

Charlie and Caitlin BD 2014

XMass 2014 Newsletter