CGI Questions

Can I use CGI on my Small or Virtual Business Web pages?

Yes. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a specification for transferring information between a Web server and a CGI program. CGI programs are one of the most common way for Web servers to interact dynamically with users. For instance, a Web page that has a form on it can use a CGI program to process the form's data once it's submitted.

Our Small and Virtual Business Web customers may request a CGI directory for testing of scripts. To request this, send e-mail to You will receive the Web address and directory to use for testing. Once the testing process is complete and the script performs as you wish it to perform, submit it to for final installation. After the script is installed, the Web address will be In order for us to keep track of which scripts belong to whom, we ask that you start each script's name with your webmaster login.

All of our customers have access to generic scripts which handle the most common CGI tasks.

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What generic Scripts do you provide?

Seanet provides scripts to handle the following tasks:

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How do I change permissions on files in my Small or Virtual Business web directory?

When you upload a file onto the web server, by default the file is made non-world-writeable. This default setting means that the file cannot be edited by anyone except you. However, certain CGI scripts may require information to be written to a text file, and if a text file is non-world-writeable, the information cannot be written to it and the script will probably send back an error messages. To correct the problem, you will need to make the file world-writable by modifying its "permissions" or doing a "chmod". Use your favorite FTP program to connect to your web site and follow the programs instructions for modifying files permissions. Set the file to be writable by everyone. Please be aware that file permissions are an important part of web site security and that setting other files not needed by the CGI script to world-writable will compromise the security of your web site.

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Do you provide technical support for CGI?

Seanet does not provide technical support for CGI nor do we provide technical support for other scripting/HTML or design oriented subjects.

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