Email Set-Up

Setting-up Seanet Email and Spam Filtering

Webmail Server:

How the Spam System Works Now

We have modernized the spam system and improved it so that you can better control your email. If you log-in to the webmail system, you will now see a Spam folder. Any email determined to be spam, based on filters, will be delivered to this folder on webmail. The Spam system now “tags” messages with a score of ’s the more the more likely the message is spam. All other email will remain in your Inbox.

Note: Any email address in your webmail address book will be white listed and considered not spam.

Setting Stronger Spam Filters in local email program

If you do NOT use webmail, then we recommend setting up a Spam rule in your client. There is a header in all emails with the number of *’s to rate the message. You can add a filter in your email client to filter messages with say 5 ’s and send them to your clients Junk folder. The Header that you would filter on is: X-GUM-MailScanner-SpamScore

Stronger Spam Filter for Webmail

For Webmail there is a filter section under Options menu that allows you to put in any filter rule you would like. If you want a more aggressive Spam filter, you can add a rule here that can filter any email with a score of 5 ’s to also go to your Spam folder. We consider 5 ’s to be a good aggressive filter, but may catch more legitimate email.

Here is a screen shot to see this rule:

Webmail Rule 2

Email Forwarding Options

There are two options for forwarding email.

  1. under “Options”, “Mail Forwarding”
    For this option, you can put in one or more email addresses you would like ALL email forward to. You can also choose to KEEP a copy of the message in your INBOX. The KEEP option puts a copy of all messages in your INBOX including spam, then passes the messages to any FILTER rules setup. This can create copies of messages in both the INBOX and other folders.
  2. under “Options”, “Message Filters”
    For this option, you would create a rule that matched all mail and Redirect it to another email, you can still choose to keep a copy in the INBOX. If you follow the example above and have a more aggressive spam filter, this Redirect rule can be placed below the spam rule so that you won't get forward the spam.