Microsoft Outlook XP

Email Set-Up

  1. Under the tools menu, select E-mail Accounts. Tools menu
  2. If you haven't set up an account, you’ll need to Add a new e-mail account. Set-up E-mail Account
  3. Otherwise, choose View or change existing e-mail accounts. View or Change Account
  4. When setting up a new account, make sure to choose POP3. Choose POP3
  5. Under User Information, fill in your name and e-mail address.
    For Server Information, Incoming mail should be Outgoing mail is
    Logon Information - User name should be the beginning part of your e-mail address (everything before the @ sign) and the Password is the password Seanet assigned to you.
    Do not mark Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA). Settings
  6. The only reason you’d need this screen is to change the name you refer to the account by. Settings
  7. Check the option for the Outgoing server requires authentication. Outgoing Server
  8. If you’re using a DSL router, select Connect using my local area network (LAN). Connect
  9. Otherwise, choose Connect using my phone line.
    In the drop down box, make sure that the Seanet connection is selected. Connect
  10. Lots of advanced settings. For the most part you don’t want to mess with these.
    The outgoing mail server can be set to 25 or 587. Advanced
  11. If you choose Leave a copy of messages on the server, make sure one of the boxes below is also checked. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a huge backlog of mail on our server that eventually will slow your e-mail to a crawl. Advanced
  12. Click OK. Then click Close. You should be able to click on Send and Receive now and check your mail! Advanced