Microsoft Outlook 97

Email Set-Up

  1. Open Outlook then click on the Tools menu. Once in the menu, click on Services.

  2. Select Internet Email from the dialog box then click on the Properties button.

  3. Fill out your information starting with your full name. This is the name people will see when you email them. Type your Seanet email in the email address field. Type into the Internet Mail server field. Type your Seanet email address in the Account name field. Type your Seanet password into the Password field. After you have all of your information filled out, click on the Advanced Options button.

  4. Type into the mail server box then click the OK button.

  5. Click the Apply button to apply all of the changes we have just made.

  6. Click the OK button to exit the Internet Mail window then press the OK button in the Services window to be directed back to the main window of Outlook ’97.

You should now be able to send and receive email using your Seanet account with Outlook 97.