Microsoft Outlook 2000

Email Set-Up

  1. Once you are in Outlook 2000, go to the Tools menu and click on Services. If the Internet E-mail service doesn’t exist then you need to add it.
  2. Hightlight the Internet E-mail service you want to check and click on Properties. You should now see a screen with 4 tabs along the top.
  3. In the General tab make sure you have a name for your mail connection (this can be anything), your name, and your e-mail address filled out. You may fill out the other fields, but you do not have to. Make sure you have Include this account when doing a full Send and Receive checked. General
  4. In the Servers tab:
    Incoming mail should be
    For Outgoing mail, make sure you have entered.
    The Account name should be your Seanet login name
    Password is the password we assigned to you.
    Do not mark Log on using Secure Password Authentication.
    Mark My server requires authentication, under Outgoing Mail Server. Servers
  5. In the Connection tab:
    If you want your modem to automatically connect you every time you go into your mail program, mark Connect using my phone line.
    You want to use your Seanet connection for the Dial-Up Networking connection for your mail.
    You can also select Connect using Internet Explorer’s or a 3rd party dialer if you want to check mail while you are already online. Connect
  6. In the Advanced tab the Outgoing mail SMTP should be set to 25 or 587. Advance
  7. Click OK. Then click Close. You should be able to click on Send and Receive now and check your mail!