Seanet - Network Status Outage notifications and other relevant announcements for Seanet Internet Services. Limited to the 10 most recent events less than 30 days old. en-us Copyright 2017 2017-03-26T04:09:52+01:00 Seanet - Network Status Network Outage - 2017-03-01 11:39:01 We experienced a brief outage, all services have been restored. We are looking into the cause. 2017-03-01 11:39:01 Power Maintenance Completed - 2017-02-25 23:41:39 19:00PT Our 20th and 30th floor datacenters are now on generator power. Our 30th floor facilities are part of a larger UPS maintenance and infrequent power disruptions are expected over the course of the next 8 hours. Our 20th floor DC is unaffected by this maintenance. We will update this notice as needed during the course of this maintenance window. Update 23:40PT: Power maintenance is complete. The UPS work on 30 has completed successfully. The datacenter is off generator and back on mains power. This maintenance is complete. Thank you very much for your patience. 2017-02-25 23:41:39